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    "Thar's some more of his ignorant spellin'," said Groundhog. "Everybody but a blamed fool knows the way to spell write is w-r-i-g-h-t. I learnt that much before I wuz knee-high to a grasshopper. But let me continner:One after another said:

    "Great Jehosephat," he gasped, his eyes starting out with astonishment. "That ain't water. It's prime old applejack, smoother'n butter, and smellin' sweeter'n a rose. Best I ever tasted.""'Tention, company!" commanded the Orderly. "Stack arms! Right face—Break ranks—March!"

    all, by Mrs. Bolster, who has more about her than you

    "I'll declare," said Si, as they sat down to eat supper and survey their work, "if father'd ever made me do half as much work in one day as I have done to-day I should have died with tiredness and then run away from home. It does seem to me that every day we try a new way o' killing ourselves.""Promoted day before yesterday," communed Shorty; "and you won't presume to boss or command no more'n he would?"The Orderly, in stating Lieut. Bowersox's position, forgot, or was not aware of the fact, that while the Judge-Advocate represents the Government at a trial as the Prosecuting Attorney, he is also the counsel for the defense; a dual role which has important and frequently unexpected results.

    "General," shouted the Deacon."Well, I'll write you a letter if it twists my fingers off," said the boy joyously.

    A fog obscured all the lowlands, but far out columns of thin smoke rising lazily on the still air showed where 150,000 men were marshaling for bloody conflict.Ime sayin'. I want you to send word out to the house at once

    "You'll come through all right," said the Surgeon smiling. "You're the right kind to live. You've got grit. I'll look at your partner now.""I'll make sure that you don't get away, anyhow. I ought to've done this at first."

    "O, I've got money enough to pay you. Don't be skeered," sneered the "banker," "and you'll git it if you win it."He looked around again, saw Nate taking his place along with the other men selected, and called out:

    WITH the Deacon's assistance, the chimney was soon rebuilt, better than ever, and several homelike improvements were added. The lost utensils were also replaced, one by one. The Deacon was sometimes troubled in his mind as to where the pan, the camp-kettle, etc., came from. Si or Shorty would simply bring in one of them, with a sigh of satisfaction, and add it to the house hold stock. The Deacon was afraid to ask any questions."Nance, call the boys in, that they'uns's may see thar friends 've come at last."