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    She drew herself up to her full height, straight as a reed, but with fully developed bust and shoulders which showed to advantage in her pale tussore gownsilk that her brother had sent her from India. She looked the incarnation of girlish innocence and girlish happinessa brow without a cloud, a step light as a fawn'sa fearless, joyous nature. Her more commonplace features and finer figure were in curious contrast with Isola's pensive beauty and too fragile form. Disney glanced from one to the other as he walked along the rustic lane between them; and, though he thought his wife the lovelier, he regretted that she was not more like his sister.

    "Because you are only too dutiful. Would you resist if I were to turn tyrant, I wonder?""It would have been at least a picturesque time to have lived in," said Allegra. "Existence must have been a series of pictures by Alma Tadema."

    "You ought to be very proud of your husband, Mrs. Disney," said Vansittart Crowther, with his air of taking all the world under his protection.

    "Only thistell your husband the truthhowever painful, however humiliating the confession. That will be your best atonement. That is the sacrifice which will help to reconcile you with your God. You cannot hope for God's love and pardon hereafter, if you live and die as a hypocrite here. God's saints were some of them steeped in the darkness of guilt before they became the children of lightbut there was not one of them who shrank from the confession of his sins."

    "I am at your service, Mrs. Disney; ready to be interrogated, or lectured, or advised, whichever you like.""Yes," she cried, roused in an instant, and clasping her hands excitedly. "Did she go down?""Is there anything in either of those stories to sadden you more than the thought of sin and sorrow saddens all of us?"

    The conversation drifted back to Lostwithiel and his works and ways, presently."Tabitha has gone!" she said abruptly.

    "Which is yours?" she asked."All that I can understand; but it didn't exonerate you from your duty to me. You promised me to take care of my young wife."

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    Tabitha came in from the adjoining bedroom every now and then, and adjusted the pillows on the sofa, and sprinkled eau de Cologne, or fanned the invalid with a large Japanese[Pg 324] fan, or arranged the silken coverlet over her feet, or brought her some small refreshment in the way of a cup of soup or jelly, and tenderly coaxed and assisted her to take it, talking just as much or as little as seemed prudent, always careful neither to fatigue nor excite her charge.