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    "Yes, Isola, that is what I am going to do."

    They blushed and trembled with delight, never before having been thus familiarly addressed by a peer of the realm. He asked Isola for her programme, with well-simulated indifference, yet with that air of profound respect with which he talked to all women.

    "She left you six months ago, and in all that time you never told me she was gone."

    "There was no seeming in it, Isola. I was knocked over at once, like a pigeon out of a trap. I had been in love with you three weeksthree centuries it seemedbefore I could screw up my courage so far as to think of proposing for you. And then if Hazelrigg hadn't helped me with your father, I don't suppose I should ever have broken the ice. But when hethe colonelshowed himself so frank and willingand the way was all made smooth for me from a domestic point of viewand when I saw that kind little look in your eyes, and the shy little smileyes, you are smiling so nowI took heart of grace, and stormed the citadel. Do you remember the evening I asked you to be my wife, Isola; that starlit night when I had been dining with your people, and you and Gwendolen, and Hazelrigg and I went out upon the terrace to look at the stars, and the river, and the twinkling lights of the boats down by the quay, and the diligence driving over the bridge, deep, deep down in the valley below us? Do you remember how I lured you away from the other two, and how we stood under the vine-leaves in the berceau, and I found the words somehowfeeblest, stupidest words, I'm afraidto make you know that all the happiness of my life to come depended upon winning you for my wife?""Oh, but she's a grass widow, don't you know. Her husband is in Burmah. I don't think it's quite nice in her to be here to-night; only as my too good-natured mother sent her a ticket, I suppose I oughtn't to say anything about it. Perhaps if mother sees the way she goes on with Lord Lostwithiel she'll rather regret that ticket."

    The question of settlements was opened seriously between Martin Disney and his future brother-in-law, early on the[Pg 287] following morning. Hulbert wanted to settle all the money he had in the world upon Allegra.Mr. Crowther replied that he would be happy to see Colonel Disney at the hour named.

    "What a most astonishing thing!" she cried, after kissing Isola, and holding out both her plump, white hands to the colonel. "Have you dear, good people dropped from the clouds? I thought you were nearly three hundred miles away when the man came to say you were waiting to see me. It is a miracle we are dining at home to-night. We are so seldom at home. Of course you will stay and dine with us. Come up to my room and take off your hat, Isa. No, you needn't worry about dress," anticipating Disney's refusal; "we are quite alone. I am going to dine in my tea-gown, and Daniel is only just home from the city.""OF THE WEAK MY HEART IS WEAKEST.""I hardly know her well enough to like or dislike her. She is very handsome."

    "It was really not a breach of faith. I gave her full permission to go. I was getting just a little tired of her fussi[Pg 92]ness. She was not my old servant, you know, Martin. I had not been used to her all my life, as you have."

    "What is your particular line, Allegra?" asked her brother. "Is it landscape?"