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    Pray sit down, Miss Propert, she said. I fancy your brother is one of Mr Keelings clerks too.

    He found a note for himself on the hall table, and with it in his hand walked into his wifes room to see if she had returned from church. She was already there, resting a little after the fatigue of worship, and extremely voluble.And what has Miss Propert got to do with it, asked Lady Keeling, that she disapproves of what youve done? Shell be wanting to run your Stores for you next, and just because shes been{287} to lunch with Lord Inverbroom. I never heard of such impertinence as Miss Propert giving her opinion. Youll have trouble with your Miss Propert. You ought to give her one of your good snubs, or dismiss her altogether. That would be far the best.】【He paused a moment.

    Mrs Goodford began to grow slightly more bellicose.

    The table at which she worked was covered with small cardboard slips, bearing in her neat minute handwriting the titles and the authors of the books in Mr Keelings library. Each appeared twice, once under its author, once under its title, and these she was sorting out into an alphabetical file from which she would compile her catalogue. She had been at work on it for about a fortnight, and the faint hopes she had originally entertained of getting it finished by the end of the year had now completely vanished. He had been{129} buying books in very large numbers; already wing-bookcases had begun to invade the floor space of his room, and he intended in the spring to build out farther into the garden. But Norah was not at all sure that she regretted the vanishing of those hopes: the work interested her, and she had the true book-lovers pride in making all the equipment connected with books as perfect as it could be. Three times a week she went with her brother after supper for a couple of hours work in Mr Keelings library: the other evenings she brought into order at home the collection of slips she had made there.

    Keeling sat down by the fire.{173}Now whos been talking about my not behaving properly to your mother except yourself? said Keeling.Now whos been talking about my not behaving properly to your mother except yourself? said Keeling.

    Mrs Keeling was almost too superb to speak even to Lord Inverbroom in the interval after lunch, when presentations were made before the Princess drove to the station again. But she could not continue not to speak to anybody any more because of this great exaltation, and she was full of bright things as she went home with her husband.