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    It was barely four oclock when Miss Propert came in with her sheaf of typewritten correspondence for his inspection and signature. He had thought that this would occupy her for at least an hour longer, and as he read it over he looked for signs of carelessness that should betray haste rather than speed. But none such revealed themselves: all she had done was exceedingly accurate and neat, and showed no trace of hurry. He passed each sheet over to her, when he had read and signed it, for her to place it in its envelope, and looking across the table without raising his{80} eyes he noticed the decision and swiftness of her fingers as she folded the paper with sharp, accurate creases. He liked seeing things handled like that: that was the way to do a job, whether that job was the giving of a wing to the hospital or the insertion of a letter into its envelope. You knew what you meant to do and did it. And though it was not his habit to praise work when it was well done (for he paid for its being well done), but only to find fault with work badly done (since work badly done was not worth the hire of the labourer), he felt moved to give a word of commendation.

    No, I am not the least tired, he said. As soon as I have changed my clothes, I shall go down to my office.

    Alice flushed a little.Again there was a slight pause, and he rose, trying to avoid the appearance of breaking off a distasteful subject.

    But I have really enjoyed doing it. II have done it for the sake of books. I like doing things for books.Yes, he said.

    Oh, you just wait till he does, and that wont be a very long wait, she said. You think youll be shy and nervous, but you wont when your turn comes. Ill be bound you like him well enough really.Well, then, Im sure thats all comfortably settled, she said, and pray, Mamma, and you, Thomas, dont go worrying each other any more, when we might be having such a pleasant family party, on Sunday afternoon too. Come along with me, Mamma, and lets have our coffee served in my boudoir, and lets all sit and cool after our lunch.】【Is that remark made to me? he asked.

    Keeling looked at him with perfectly blank eyes.What? You gave the new wing. Well, to think of your having kept me in the dark all this time! I do call that very generous, but generous you always are, as Ive often told Mamma, about your money. I suppose that will cost a great deal of money.

    Well, weve wasted enough time talking about it all, he said, if thats all the reason Im to hear.】【Lord Inverbroom looked completely puzzled.Alice was so stiff with horror at that for a plan that she could barely articulate. Of course Mr Silverdale would refuse to come, the horror was but due to the mere notion that he should be asked.

    He had made an engagement with her brother that he should come up one Sunday afternoon some fortnight after Miss Propert had entered his employment, to spend a couple of hours among the herbage of the secret garden. The young man had come into his room just before midday closing time on Saturday, with the weekly returns of the lending library that had just been added to the book department, when a sudden idea struck Keeling.

    Back from Cathedral already, Thomas? she said.


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